Side mouth barrel paint filling machine

System introduction

Dcs-50-ctcy coating canning machine, side mouth barrel double filling system, double gland. It is widely used in the filling of various foam free liquid materials such as coatings, inks and so on. Based on years of rich experience, the unique filling valve design is easy to disassemble, change size and clean. The filling head is made of 304 stainless steel + Teflon, which makes the filling head resistant to high temperature, corrosion and dripping. The operator only needs to simply place the bucket mouth on the top of the scale and align it with the lower part of the filling head outlet, pull the [operation switch] on the control box to [automatic], and the system will automatically start the filling. First, use the rapid filling method, and at the end stage, use the secondary filling method of slow filling, so as to quickly and accurately fill the materials into the bucket. After the filling is completed, the filling head will automatically close the valve, and manually push the packaging bucket directly under the capper, Press the pneumatic valve switch by hand to complete the capping, and the filling is completed. When filling the second barrel, the operator places the empty barrel directly below the filling head without touching the switch again. When leaving the barrel by hand, the system will automatically start the filling.

Function introduction
■ manual barrel loading, automatic metering and filling by machine, manual capping, and automatic delivery of positioning gland by machine
■ digital input free setting target value (filling weight)
■ you can freely choose two filling methods: net weight and gross weight
■ the filling head is independently designed and developed by our company, which has the functions of rapid disassembly and assembly by hand, size change, easy cleaning and anti dripping
■ the height of the filling head can be adjusted manually, which is suitable for cans of various specifications
■ the independently developed control system adopts high-end hardware, with fast response, simple operation and reliable performance
■ the system has the function of automatically correcting the adjustment error and can be opened / closed freely
■ the two-stage adjustable filling method is adopted to complete the filling quickly and accurately, ensuring the efficiency to the greatest extent
■ automatically identify the tare weight range of empty barrels and the function of no filling without barrels
■ the sealing, soft connection and parts in direct contact with materials are made of 304 stainless steel + Teflon
■ the controller is equipped with manual buttons for all actions, as well as emergency stop, manual feeding and other buttons for special situations
■ the whole machine adopts stainless steel structure, the temporary storage hopper and other parts in direct contact with materials adopt 304 stainless steel, and a small amount of stress parts such as gland, controller and lifting system adopt carbon steel
■ the controller display can display the weighing value, time and date, cumulative filling barrels, cumulative total filling weight and other information in time

■ during continuous filling, the system will automatically start filling without pressing other switches again
Basic parameters
■ maximum weighing capacity: 30kg
■ minimum sensitivity: 0.001kg
■ filling error: ± 10g
■ filling speed: 6~12 barrels / minute (depending on the feed flow rate)
■ control mode: two gear control
■ filling method: liquid filling in the barrel mouth
■ scale platform size: 350 × 680mm
■ filling valve head: SUS304 stainless steel and Teflon
■ structural material: SUS201 stainless steel (stressed column carbon steel)
■ roller material: SUS201 stainless steel

■ material interface: DN50 clamp type quick release interface
■ air source interface: 10mm air pipe interface
■ power supply: users provide 380v/50hz wires to the side of the machine
■ air source: 04mpa-0.8mpa 10mm air pipe (provided by the user to the side of the machine)
■ service temperature: -10 ℃ - 50 ℃
■ foundation conditions: horizontal solid concrete ground, with concrete thickness of not less than 10cm